Bitcoin and Alt Coin Mining Concepts

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NOTE: Understand when you buy 1 G/Hash from CEX.IO it is yours you own it and can sell it at anytime. Think of it as an "investment share" of mining power! that can be traded and sold within CEX.IO at the current G/Hash market rate. Not only does your shares of G/hash Mine a profit for you, they can, and have gained in value per G/hash share.

    Why would you want to Cloud Mine Bitcoin? Look at it like this: If you have $1000.00 or any amount in a bank savings you are literally earning nothing on that money. So why not take that and for example: buy 1.00 bitcoins (BTC) and invest it in G/Hash Mining Shares on and at todays prices, use that 1.00 BTC to purchase about 77 G/Hash of mining shares @ .013 per share, and you can expect to earn right away an estimated $5.00-7.00 per day in BTC. or $165.00 per month. A decent rate of return. Put your money to work for you! Is there risk? Hey its an investment you decide?.. remember you can always sell or cash in your mining shares at any time and leave the table if you so desire. Its free and simple to create a CEX.IO account and start learning the ropes today! You will get out of it what you put in to it and more!

Please take a look here at how it can work for you. All we ask is that you link to the sites
CEX.IOCoinbase and Cryptsy from our site Coindrone.
    We have 4 mining income streams, however we find CEX.IO Cloud Mining is by far the easiest and most hassle free for a return on our BTC. Occasionally we all have to reinvest a little of the mining profits back into more shares of G/Hash if you expect to maintain a certain level of earnings. But keep in mind, there is always a good chance BTC could double or go higher making the worth of your BTC earnings sky rocket as well as your G/Hash share value, eliminating the need for any short term reinvestment. Others just let their G/H mining shares grow, auto purchasing more with their BTC earnings. Truly a low risk investment with minimal effort.



First things first, aquire Bitcoin - once you have created your CEX.IO mining account

Visit CoinBase and Sign Up your new account. Its Free! and get ready to buy and sell Bitcoin!

You will first need to aquire bitcoin to Fund your CEX.IO account to purchase and invest in Mining G/hash. (at least .25 BTC) To buy any amount of bitcoin for this or any other needs, Coindrone recommends We have been using CoinBase for all of our BTC/$USD purchase and selling needs without flaw. After you withdraw your earned Bitcoin from your CEX.IO mining account, head on over to Coinbase and sell your BTC for real $USD and directly have it deposited into you Bank!

You can choose to move your bitcoin earnings from from one online account Wallet to another or you may choose to download and install your very own Bitcoin Wallet to store your bitcoins in. Now, from your own wallet stored and maintained on your personal PC, you can then transfer in BTC to your wallet from CEX.IO or any other exchanges you may use in the future. You can also effectively send and receive BTC to friends or make online purchases with websites that except bitcoin as a payment option. You can download the latest Bitcoin Wallet from or downolad directly from our site here below.

Download a Bitcoin Wallet
Bitcoin-QT (Windows Version) click here. a download window from sourceforge will open. save  Bitcoin-QT file to your PC and run setup after download is complete
Note: Once installed, it may take a day or 2 for your Bitcoin Wallet to complete syncing up with the Blockchain so be patient. Also, be sure to encrypt your wallet once fully updated and back it up daily. To learn more go here  Always check for the latest BTC Wallet here: Bitcoin-QT

Create an online Exchange Account

You will need an online Exchange to withdraw alt coins from your CEX.IO account into. Your alt coins wll be, ixcoin IXC, devcoin DVC and namecoin NMC (which can be used to purchase G/Hash mining shares) as well. Once in your exchange account wallets you can decide when or if to sell/exchange for a bitcoin (BTC) rate of exchange, thus converting those alt coins into bitcoin where you can than sell to coinbase or invest however or buy more G/hash from CEX.IO as we do, and in a sense, regenerate those alt coins into more bitcoin mining power which results in more alt coins and earnings!

1 Download a Bitcoin-QT Wallet install and update it. This is optional and you really only need one if you plan to store and maintain BTC in it. But is good to have!
2 Create a coinbase account for purchasing bitcoin and eventually selling your bitcoin to, for US dollars. Purchased bitcoin can be sent from coinbase to your designated wallet address or you may choose to leave your BTC in your account wallet and/or make withdraws from it as needed.  

Note: When you purchase bitcoin from coinbase you can use your FUNDING wallet address from your CEX.IO account as the address to receive the bitcoin you are buying from coinbase, thus funding your CEX.IO account almost instantly and allowing you to buy G/Hash quickly and begin mining with CEX.IO. Otherwise you can wait for your personal BTC wallet to sync and have the purchased bitcoin from coinbase sent to your wallet and from there, you can send any amount to your funding address with CEX.IO for buying Mining G/hash. Save a step and send directly from coinbase to your CEX.IO funding address.
3 Buy enough bitcoin from coinbase to purchase and invest in asic G/hash from CEX.IO  Ex: 10 G/Hash may cost $300.00 in Bitcoin depending on BTC value and so on.
4 Create your CEX.IO account.
5 Fund your CEX.IO with bitcoin sent from your wallet (personal or online wallet) to purchase desired g/hash amount (mining power) from CEX.IO
6 Start mining instantly and and watch your CEX.IO bitcoin balance grow!
7 Withdraw your bitcoin earned from mining at any time or amount to your personal wallet or online coinbase wallet and sell, spend or invest however you like!
8 Create an Exchange account with as means to withdraw and deposit your alt coins generated from merged mining on CEX.IO

Note: It is wise to purchase, receive and send only small amounts of bitcoin until you are comfortable with the wallet process and understand the risk. Remember, once you send a bitcoin transaction it is gone for good in most instances. So look twice for accuracy before you send BTC.
Estimate your bitcoin earnings here: You must enter your desired hash rate in M/Hash amounts (1 G/Hash of mining = 1000 Megahash)

Bitcoin to $USD value converter here:

Everyone who is anyone in bitcoin mining will have a Bicointalk Forum account to read and interact with other members. Create an account here:

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Advised: read read and read! gain a full understanding and working knowledge of bitcoin. Know how to manage your bitcoin and secure it.
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Thank you to those who have already opened a CEX.IO account recently and used our page as a guide and as a referral by using our links to begin the mining process. Hopefully your G/Hash investment is now hashing away giving you a respectable return! Just imagine if BTC goes up? That's what its all about if your into mining :)